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Do not buy any products from these people. Ordered a curling iron almost a month ago gave me a fake tracking number there is no phone number to call these people again do not buy from these people beware beware beware

Review about: Instaglam Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Same here I'm in Australia still waiting !!


Unfortunately I have been conned as well as all these angry customers!!! Ordered the curling wand

about 6 weeks ago & have e/mailed but no reply. Turns you off ordering anything online.


Same here they also sent me a confirmation email stating the USPS said they they to deliver it and it could not be delivered. Then had 3 froud charges on my card called bank and BBB filed a report.


Same thing is currently happening to me. Invalid tracking number.

They did send an e-mail response back to me basically saying "due to the volume of orders, please be patient and rest assured that the package is in transit. Gave a b***s*** story that their system is having an error and that is why it is unable to send the tracking number to the post office." DO NOT ORDER FROM INSTAGLAM, IT IS A TOTAL SCAM!!!


Same here. I ordered 2 curling irons and got a fake tracking number. They said the package was undeliverable but USPS said they had nothing on record for that package.


Same thing is happening with me. I've emailed, called, tried to chat...nothing!! What can we do??


I had the same happened to me, I emailed them three times already I have got on the chat three times already and I still have gotten no response back it's a bunch of bs I don't have $55 to throw away


Ugh can't believe this is happening! Are they really fake?

I also am having same experience. Has anyone reported them?


Yep me too, scumbags


I just saw on FB that this same happened to lots of people, myself included! Of course they dont return emails either. Pissed!


Same has just happened to me!! Not a happy customer!


Same thing happened to me. Bought the curling iron, fake tracking number, and all.

Tried to go back their page and it said UPS was unable to deliver my item and I needed to contact UPS.

It's all bull ***!!!! I don't understand how these people are getting away with this!

to Amy #1365306

I received the same message! Did your issue ever get resolved?

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